Vista School is proud of having a track record of high academic achievement.  The number one priority of Vista is to provide a high quality education, in a safe environment, led by highly qualified teachers.  Academic achievement is greatly enhanced by offerings in arts and technology.

Vista teachers are certified teachers who stand out in their field.  These educators are the true heroes behind Vista’s student achievement.  Their dedication to students and to their profession is the engine that drives Vista’s success.  Because Vista is a charter school, teachers have more latitude to use and pursue instructional material and methods that yield the best results rather than following a predetermined curriculum or delivery method.

Vista enhances academic achievement by providing specialized instruction in Math, History, Language Arts, and Science starting in 1st grade.  Instead of spending the entire day in one classroom with one homeroom teacher, the students move to different classrooms for these subjects to learn from teacher specialists who are passionate about helping the students succeed.

When students enjoy school, their learning outcomes improve.  Because students get to pursue their interests in arts and technology in conjunction with traditional academic subjects, Vista students look forward to coming to school.  This interdisciplinary approach makes Vista a unique place to launch an early love for learning.

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