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Vista Transportation Organization

The VTO was formed and is operated by parents like you! Vista is a great school and we wanted to find a more economic and convenient way to get our children to and from school. With assistance and donations from Vista families, we are able to provide this great service. None of the officers or volunteers are getting paid to run this service. The only person getting compensation is our bus driver. The Vista Transportation Organization is not operated by Vista School, nor is it supervised or managed by Vista School.  The information below is provided as a courtesy to Vista parents.  If you have questions or concerns about the Vista Transportation Organization, please contact them directly at vistatransportation@yahoo.com.  For more information please see the FAQ’s below and/or click on the following link for the VTO Information Letter.

How Much is it For My Student to Ride the Bus?

To sign-up your students and reserve a spot on the bus, it is a $40 non-refundable registration fee per student. This money is kept in reserve for expenses for the bus such as maintenance, gas, repairs, insurance etc. The monthly fee is $60 per month, per rider. If there is more than one rider per family, the fee is $55 per month for each additional rider. That fee is per month, whether your child only rides one way or both ways. If you are able to find another rider to share the cost with, please let us know. With the rising cost of gas, it’s still a very practical way to get your student to school.

Where Are the Bus Stops?

Our bus stops at the Washington Wal-Mart, the Washington Fields on 63 W. 1725 S., and Christensen’s on Bluff Street. These stops were chosen to accommodate as many riders as possible.

How Do I Sign Up?

Please e-mail vistatransportation@yahoo.com to receive the forms and information needed to sign up. The deposit for the bus is $40 per rider, per school year. You can also join our group on Facebook at “Vista Transportation Organization” (VTO).