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Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Vista Community Education (VCE) webpage!  Vista School is excited to offer an after school program to all students in the community.  Our classes are of the highest quality and students will expand their knowledge and skills in the three Vista pillars; academics, arts, and technology.

Vista partners with 4H to provide a top quality program.  You can sign up for VCE classes and a plethora of other community events by clicking on the blue “ZSuite Registration” button on the right hand side of the screen.

Signing up for our VCE classes through 4-H is easy.  To see a brief step by step tutorial, click here.  To directly sign up for classes without a brief tutorial, click here and “sign up” for an account.  After making an account, click Events and search for Vista.  Please contact Chris Barnum at cbarnum@vistautah.com with any questions.  Thanks.

Email: cbarnum@vistautah.com

Zsuite – First Time Enrollment Video Tutorial

Zsuite – How to Register for an Event Tutorial