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School Mental Health Therapist
Vista has a School Social Worker on staff. Mrs. Danielle Robb provides individual and group counseling services to provide students with opportunities for social, emotional and behavioral growth.

Mental Health Resources

Vista’s Wellness Center
Vista students can choose to visit the wellness center as needed. In the wellness center students are given the time and opportunity to regulate their emotions in a calm, quiet environment. The wellness center is equipped with activities to help calm and soothe so students can get back to class ready to learn. Vista’s wellness center is located in the reception area of the counseling office. Students can also access Vista’s Virtual Calming Room by clicking HERE.

Social Emotional Learning
All Vista students are taught the Second Step Social Emotional Learning curriculum, as well as Kelso’s Choice Conflict Resolution Program. Together these programs reinforce resiliency and growth mindset, social skills, handling emotions, and academic success.

Social Emotional Curriculum

Kindergarten – Presentation
1st Grade – Presentation
2nd Grade – Presentation
3rd Grade – Presentation
4th Grade – Presentation
5th Grade – Presentation
6th Grade – Presentation
7th Grade – Presentation
8th Grade – Presentation
9th Grade – Presentation