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Login Instructions:
username: vista email address
password: vista email password


  1. You will notice one or more Canvas Course boxes/tiles on your dashboard.
  2. Each Canvas course contains sections/classes inside it.
    1. For example, if you teach four classes or sections of 4th grade Math, then you will see one Canvas tile with your four classes inside it.
    2. Now you are able to assign an activity to all your classes at once.
    3. However, you still can assign an activity to one class and other activity to another, if desired.


1.Importing the K-9 Canvas Templates through your account, instead of clicking on the links below. (CLICK HERE)
2.Copying past course content into your new courses (CLICK HERE)


Getting Started with Canvas.
1. Access Course
2. Upload Syllabus/File
3. Create Module
4. Create Assignment

Getting Started with Canvas

5. Canvas Overview

6.Dashboard Overview

7.Custom Course Image

8.Course Navigation Menu

9.Assignment Groups

10.Creating Assignments

11.Weighted Grade

12.Creating a Module

13. Add Items to Module

14. Canvas Gradebook

15. Classic Quiz