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Fraud and Unethical Behavior reporting form.

Anyone who has direct knowledge of or is aware of fraud, theft, waste or abuse of Vista School resources including teachers, substitute teachers, staff, faculty, sub contractors, volunteers, or other affiliation with Vista School should report fraud or unethical behavior. Please do not initiate an investigation on your own or alert the individual(s) involved of an impending or on-going investigation if you suspect or are aware of such activity. Please use the following form to report such information:
Please describe the activity, why you believe it is improper, and if you have any documentation to support the claim.
Please state the individuals and/or department you believe responsible or others who may be aware of the improper activity.
Please describe where the improper activity occurred and/or where the Auditor's Office may find more information related to the activity.
Please state when the activity occurred, and when you discovered it.
Please state your belief as to why the activity occurred or who would have benefited from the improper activity.
Please describe if controls were circumvented to allow the activity to occur.

This form is completely confidential and your infomformation will not be released. If however you would like us to contact you then you can also input your contact info below. It is not required!

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