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Why should I do it?

  • Students learn in various ways and modes
  • Students respond better
  • Students are more likely to complete work
  • Students will become more engaged
  • All learners will have better opportunities to understand and correctly complete expectations 

When should I do it?

  • Alternative modes of completing assignments should be regularly used in all classes and students given the choice as to which method they will use
  • You may want to suggest or require that certain students use a specific mode of completion if it seems that mode may work best for that student or the student has shown a pattern of learning to support the use of that mode of completion

How do I do it?

  • There are numerous alternative modes of assignment completion, here are the most common:
    • Verbally giving answers
    • Drawing a picture, graphic, diagram, etc.
    • Using a computer to type out an assignment
    • Putting answers on index cards
    • Have student act out assignment
    • Make a small comic book out of assignment
    • Have student do a demonstration or experiment
    • Record verbal responses on computer mic
    • Do homework in Power Point
    • Make assignment into a song or rap