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Why should I do it?

  • Provides powerful instances to teach alternative behaviors and expectations
  • The student learns by imitating adults
  • Students repeat what they head and do what they see
  • Teaches students alternative words to those that may be inappropriate, hurtful, mean, undesirable, etc

When should I do it?

  • This intervention should be utilized at all times as children are always listening to what adults say and do
  • Make a point to model appropriate language with students that may be:
    • Swearing
    • Saying mean things
    • Bullying
    • Saying self defeating remarks
    • Saying perpetually negative comments
    • Etc.

How do I do it?

  • Regularly say the words, phrases, and responses you would like your students to exhibit whenever opportunities arise
  • Model appropriate language regularly and frequently
  • Explain to the students which words and phrases you would like them to replace with the more appropriate language and practice it with them in role plays
  • When students say inappropriate things, stop them and remind them what the appropriate word or words would be, having them practice it
  • Take students’ suggestions as to what appropriate words would be to get them involved
  • Consider making a list or appropriate words and phrases and hanging it around the class