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Why should I do it?

  • Students are apt to work for something they want
  • Some students need outward motivators
  • It helps keep students engaged
  • Provides encouragement 

When should I do it?

  • When you want to increase a positive behavior

How do I do it?

  • Use the “Forced Choice Reinforcement Menu” to determine what sort of reward student best responds (Adult approval, peer approval, consumable rewards, competitive approval, independent rewards
  • Identify behavior to be increased.
  • Determine the amount of behavior to be seen during the day.
  • Track behavior daily.
  • Reward at the end of each day with previously identified reward
  • At any time when you witness the student taking part in the behavior to be increased, verbally praise them. Can be done either quietly or if the student is motivated by peer approval, can be done in front of the class.