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Vista School has joined the VEX Robotics Competition! This exciting Vex-vrc program extends beyond the classroom to an after-school course that is open to 7th-12th grade students who are interested in coding, engineering, robotics, and having fun and friendly competition. Vista has also started a VEX-IQ Competition for 4-6 grades as a pathway program to vex-vrc.


Vista has 15 VEX Robotics Competition teams for the 2023-2024 school year made up of our students, along with students from other middle and high schools. This year our teams are working hard to qualify for the world VEX Robotics Championships in Dallas Texas.


VEX is the largest robotics program for middle and high school teams with over 20,000 teams in over 45 countries. VEX is a STEM focused program that offers students opportunities to work as a team to solve problems and become critical thinkers. Although this program has been in northern Utah since 2008, it wasn’t offered to students in southern Utah until 2018. Vista is working hard to grow the VEX Robotics program in our area. Vista Robotics would like to see VEX become available to all students in southern Utah.


VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) is a high level STEM program that offers students a competitive challenge where students design, build, and program a robot to accomplish different tasks. This year the students have to score points by scoring blocks in the corners of the field along with lifting blocks into scoring towers. This is an offensive and defensive game. The game is played on a 12′ x 12′ field and lasts only 2 minutes, which includes a 15 second autonomous control period and a 1 minute 45 second driver control period.


This mission of the Vista Robotics program is not only to provide opportunities for Vista students, but to promote VEX Robotics in southern Utah. For Vista Robotics to reach more students, we need help from generous individuals and businesses like yours! An average team would spend $3000 to get running.


Every donation to the Vista Robotics program provides opportunities for students that will have an impact for the rest of their lives. These students may become the engineers and scientists of the future. Your sponsorship would help provide more opportunities to students for years to come.


  • Registration fees

  • Additional robot parts

  • Travel expenses to tournaments

To help donate to our Vex Robotics World Championship trip please click the following links:


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