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Darian first studied mathematics at Dixie State University for 3 years before obtaining her bachelors degree in Elementary Education. She has also spent several years tutoring 6th and 7th graders in math, and she cannot wait to help our 5th graders master their math skills this year so they will be well-prepared for 6th grade. While Mrs. Tippetts grew up loving math and how numbers worked together, she wasn’t always the best at it and made many mistakes. She understands the struggles kids go through when learning math and is passionate about helping her students overcome any obstacle they might encounter. When Mrs. Tippetts is not doing math, she enjoys lounging by the water, doing needlepoint, reading books, and loving on her animals. She recently got married in the summer of 2023, and she and her husband have 3 “babies” together (2 dogs and a cat).



Contact Information

  • Position Title: 5th Math
  • E-mail address: dtippetts@vistautah.com