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Coming off a stressful career as a stay at home mother, Michelle is working as a front office receptionist as well as working for parent and student services. This is Michelle’s third year at Vista. She worked for six months as a substitute teacher and four months as a SPED Aide before she got the best gig at Vista. She enjoys helping the students with their scrapes, cuts, and bruises… they have the best stories. She also enjoys helping the parents with their needs. Vista has the best parents who, believe it or not, have great stories to tell (if the phone goes to voicemail, you know what Michelle’s doing…talking ).
When she is not at Vista, she is a mom to her three active, creative, and amazing kids, and wife to her awesome husband. Her three children had the wonderful opportunity to attend Vista. She spends her nights as chauffeur, culinary master, theatre attendee, and sports fan. In her family, they love spending time together watching movies, kayaking, hiking, and just being together.


Contact Information

  • Position Title: Front Office Secretary
  • E-mail address: mhansen@vistautah.com