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Vista will be offering three educational options

for the 2020-21 school year.

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No. Your child can work on their distance learning courses at whatever time is most convenient for you. Our curriculum platform does have recommended pacing. A K-5 student should complete 5 days worth of instruction every week. The 6th-9th grade curriculum has a pacing guide within the syllabus found at the beginning of each course. The platform homepage shows your student if they are on pace for each course.

Parents of 6th-9th student’s do not have parent accounts. You will view your student’s progress by logging into your student’s account. K-5 parents do have parent accounts. The parent account provides teaching notes and parents of K-5 students are their student’s learning guide who teaches the lessons to their student. Remember: students can not submit work through the parent account. 

Our distance learning advisors will be scheduling a monthly virtual meeting or phone call with you and your student beginning in September. 

Yes. Vista will be hosting virtual holiday parties that all distance learning students are invited to attend at Halloween, Winter Break and Valentine’s Day. It has also been requested by parents that we provide a way for distance learning parents to connect to potentially arrange playdates at the park, etc. We have provided a link to a form here that will allow distance learning families to connect: https://forms.gle/NbPbRZvT42tjnaDX8 This is completely optional and was created based on parent request. If you add your contact information to the list, it will be viewable on a spreadsheet which will be made available to all distance learning parents. 


As your student’s learning guide, K-5 parents should access their parent account for detailed teaching notes on each aspect of the curriculum that you will be presenting to your student. 6th-9th parents should watch the Student Orientation Tutorials found at the beginning of each course. If your student is stuck on a certain task, we recommend reviewing the tutorial or activity with your student. Lesson objectives and expectations will be clearly defined for each task.

There will be some work you do with your student (as their learning guide)  that the digital advisors (teachers) do not see. At this age not everything is graded, sometimes your student just needs the practice. When it is an assignment that the digital advisor needs to see or grade it will be clearly indicated in the program that you need to submit it to your digital advisor. 

The project is different from an assignment in that it does not need to be completed in one day and that it runs the course of the unit. The project is introduced at the very beginning of the unit to get your child excited, it is not expected that you complete the project the first day it is introduced. Right after the introduction of the project you’ll see a “Rate Your Excitement” assessment – this is all that needs to be completed for the project at this time. While viewing your course if you scroll to the bottom of the unit you will find the unit ends with a few lesson parts that say “Show:___(the same name as the project)__” – these parts will walk you through the project step by step and at the end of the last part there will be a place to submit your final project. 

Make sure everything has been submitted for that day then move on. If the highlight is not moved to the next day, click next to move on to the next day and it will eventually sync up. 

Take a screenshot or a picture with your cell phone and email it to your student’s digital advisor (teacher) along with the title of the lesson and a detailed description of the problem. It will then be submitted to Vista’s IT department. 

    • Parents of K-5 students must guide their student through the daily lessons and activities that are outlined online. Parents act as their student’s at-home learning guide by teaching the lessons and helping their student progress.
    • All curriculum will be presented to 6th-9th grade students online. Parents will assist their student with completing their assigned lessons as needed. 
    • Parents must assure that their student is making consistent academic progress and staying on pace throughout the school year in order to complete their distance learning courses. 
    • Parents of K-5 students must maintain a working printer at their home as some portions of the lessons will require printing. 
    • Parents are required to stay in communication with the distance learning advisor assigned to monitor their student’s progress by responding to a short google form at the bottom of a weekly email and participating in a monthly phone call or video conference.
    • Grade student work
    • Monitor students’ progress
    • Prepare progress report data which includes current grade, end date reminders, recommendations concerning student pace, progress and performance
    • Answer questions and provide additional clarification as needed.