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July 14, 2017

Today marked the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for our new neighbors on Center Street, Rocky Vista University. The Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Southern Utah branch, will be the second medical school in Utah, the first being the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Several of Mrs. DeLuca’s String Orchestra musicians came together this week to prepare to shine for this wonderful event. They played over 20 pieces as visitors walked the halls touring the new facility. They received many compliments from passersby, including from the President and Dean of the new University. They each stopped by to talk to our students:

“Hello, I’m Clint Adams, the President of Rocky Vista University, and I’m so excited for the opportunity for you folks to be here with us. I’m choked up. You know this place is all about you… about the future. Students your age who can look up and say, ‘I can be a doctor, I can be a nurse, I can be a physician assistant, I can be a concert cellist going to Juilliard, you know, I can be all of those things.’ And we’re just so excited because these people here who we have invited today are looking over your shoulder — they look at your school, and they’re very old like me, but all we care about is you folks. So make sure you keep practicing, and make sure you also do your math and English. You need a little bit of that too, and maybe a lot of it.  So again, we thank you, we thank the parents who came out. Thank you for sharing. It’s a big deal for us. Thank you for volunteering to come here. We love each and every one of you. Thank you so much!”

“Good afternoon, my name is Dr. Park, and I’m the Dean of this medical school, here — kind of like the principal of your school; it’s kind of like my role here. And I want to thank Mrs. DeLuca for this amazing group that you’ve brought here today. We want to be great friends with you. I want to thank each and every one of you talented musicians for gracing our halls here today with your beautiful music. Thank you very, very much!”

What a great opportunity for our students! Vista looks forward to a future of friendship and camaraderie with Rocky Vista University!

Vista Strings Performers at Rocky Vista University’s Grand Opening
Posing with Rocky Vista University’s Dean, David Park

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