With over 600 computers and devices on multiple platforms including Apple, Chrome, and Windows, students are immersed in technology in multiple settings: Coding, Web Development, 3D Printing, Computer Engineering, Video Editing & Animation, Robotics, and Graphic Design

Vista also has specialized CIT courses in 4th and 5th grade and K-3 Tech Time. There are computers in every classroom.

What are technology classes like at Vista? Check out the videos below:

Computer Engineering and 3D Design.

Digital Media I and II with Mrs. Rowan & Mr. Bartholomew

Coding I and II with Mr. Bartholomew

Vista Drone Program

Vex Robotics

Drone Competition

Technology Blog

Mini Drone Camp

  Have you ever wanted to fly a drone? Program one to fly by itself? Join us for Mini-Drone Camp where students will learn how…